I continued to take good care of the flowers.  Little by little, they began to open up.

It was hard work taking care of them, so I made a little bed for myself and took a nap, but I never left their side.

When I woke up, I was happily surprised to see that they were in full bloom.  Jerry and Ben were right – these were daffodils!
“You are beary beautiful,” I said to them.
“Thank you,” they replied.
I feel more confident about my green paw now.  Maybe I will try to grow some plants.  I wonder if any bees will visit these flowers.


  1. Yeers ago dey got skoolchildren to plant lots of daffodils arownd the town so every spring now thare ar thowzands of dem, on roundabouts, verges, an the Carsol Park. It maykes Mummy smile eech yeer wen they come bak. She sez they ar sunshine.


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