Birdhouse reveal


Okay, welcome back everyone!  The finished birdhouse is right behind me – it will be revealed in just a moment.  Let’s find Miss Feathers and give her a nice surprise, shall we?

Ah, there she is.

“Your head is the perfect perch, Uncle Tibbs,” Feathers said.  “I hope you don’t mind that I am sitting here.”

“Not at all,” he replied.  “It’s as if I am wearing a fancy hat of some sort.  And you keep my head warm!”

“Miss Feathers, I have something to show you,” I said.

She flew down to meet me.

“Miss Feathers, since you are officially staying with us, I would like to present you… with your beary own birdhouse!”

“For me?” she gasped.

“Yes, every bird should have his or her own birdhouse.”
I carefully handed her a pair of scissors for the ribbon cutting.  (You should never pass scissors with the pointy end facing out).
“Oh, it is so lovely!” she exclaimed.
“And look at the roof – a blue sky with clouds on it!”
She went inside.
“Oh my birdseed!” she said from inside.  “Hardwood floors!  And marble countertops!  It is so much bigger than it looks from the outside.”
It sounds like she likes it.
She came out.
“Thank you Ajdin,” she said.  “I have flown many miles all over the world and I know that true friends are hard to find.  Thank you for the birdhouse, but most of all, thank you for a home.  You and your friends are all… what is that word you say… beary?  You are all beary special friends.”


  1. Looks great Ajdin! You did a great job. You could paint a bunch of little houses and sell them at an art—or bird—-fair! We bet lots of feathered friends would enjoy them.


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