Checking the mailbox


I haven’t checked the mailbox in a long time.  Would you like to come with me to take a look?  Come on, let’s go.

First, we go down the hallway.

And through some doors.
Then we go down some stairs.
You are still following me, right?  Okay, good.
We are almost there.
Ah, here we are!
I wonder if there is anything in the mailbox.  There could be a lot of stuff, or there could be nothing.
There is only one way to find out —

There was a lot of stuff in the mailbox.
There is a homemade greeting card from Beanie Mouse along with a homemade envelope!
This is what the card looks like.  It is greeting card #1,732 which I have to register on Beanie’s Found-Art blog.
And inside the card is a London bus keyring that I won in Beanie’s Birthday Trombola.  That is beary cool.
I will put my keys on it right now.  Thanks Beanie!
And next we have a postcard from Sandy.
“Oh that is a beautiful postcard!” said Feathers.
It is indeed a nice postcard from Quadra Island, B.C. where Sandy has been having some fun adventures lately.  Thanks Sandy!
Next up is a postcard from Jerry and Ben who have been tagging along on a recent trip to Ohio!  I guess it is nice to be on saBEARtical.
“Coooooooool,” said Ooogie.
Thanks Jerry and Ben!
And finally, we have a letter here from… huh… Sandy… again?  Yes, that’s what it seems to be.  There is a cool bear sticker on the envelope!
“Woof!” said Parker.
Here is a closeup of the bear sticker.
Inside the envelope is a card and an extra prize magnet from the 2015 Spring Photo Contest. It is no ordinary magnet, however.  The magnet is a magnet of protection by the sacred bear spirit to ward off evil spirits.
But it also does double duty as a refrigerator magnet for shopping lists.  Thanks Sandy!
Well, that was quite a mail haul, don’t you think?  Thank you everyone, thank you beary much!  Have a beary good day!



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