Final Prize Round


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“…and we are back from our commercial break!” announced the host.

“Can you PLEASE tell me what the grand prize is?” I begged.

“Yes, I will tell you!  The grand prize… is…” the host paused, then lifted the sheet off the large object to reveal…

“…a brand new BeeMW convertible!”

“Oh wow oh wow oh wow…” I repeated.

“This dazzling red BeeMW convertible comes fully loaded, with brilliant-white LED lights, a ConnectedDrive dashboard to keep you up-to-date with online services, and titanium rims.  Get ready to get behind the wheel of a BeeMW!  Now how much do you think is the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, BB$10,000, BB$50,000, or BB$100,000?”

“Hmm… BB$10,000,” I said.

“Are you SURE?  Are you absolutely SURE?” the host cringed.

“No, no… I mean BB$100,000,” I said.

“Are you SURE?” the host asked again, wincing.  “Are you absolutely SURE?”

“No, no… I mean, BB$50,000,” I said.

“He says BB$50,000,” the host repeated.  “And the actual price is… *DING DING DING* BB$50,000!”

“Oh wow oh wow wow,” I stammered.

“You are the winner of a brand new BeeMW, Ajdin!  Why don’t you hop in there and drive your new car off of our studio lot?”

I got in the car.  The steering wheel felt good in my paws.

“And don’t forget your other prizes,” the host said, putting the jar of honey and PawPad in the passenger seat.

I took a deep breath and smelled that new car smell.

“And that’s all for today’s show on… THE PRICE IS RIGHT!” the host said.  “Congrats to Ajdin, who is about to drive off in his new BeeMV convertible!”

I put on my seat belt.  *click*

Then I put my paws on the steering wheel.

Then I realized… that…

“…I don’t know how to drive!”


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