SALMON WARS: Jedi puzzle training


Hello everyone, Ajdin Salmonfisher here.  I’m pleased to report that my training in the Fish is progressing nicely.  I can feel my powers growing stronger everyday.  Today as a Jedi Bear training exercise, I will be solving a SALMON WARS puzzle.

This puzzle looks beary cool!  I can’t wait to get started.

First, I need to open the bag with my lightsaber.


Then it’s time to flip over all the pieces right side up.  This is easy when you use the Fish, otherwise it can take a beary long time.

*waves paw*


I like to put the edges together first.  It makes it a little easier.

“Hello young Jedi,” a bellowing voice said.  It was Darth Tibbs.

“Hello Darth Tibbs,” I replied.

“Impressive.  Most impressive,” Darth Tibbs said, looking at the puzzle.  He picked up a piece.  “Obi-Bear has taught you well.”

Darth Tibbs and I continued working on the puzzle.  But there was one missing piece!

“That piece!  That piece!  Oh where could it be?” I said.

“Fouuuuuuund iiiiiit I haaaaaave,” said Master Oooda.

“Noooooow yoooouuuuur puuuuuuzzzlleeeeee iiiiiis cooooompleeeeeete.”

He put the final piece on the puzzle, then we stepped back to admire it.

The puzzle was an exciting scene of Han Salmon piloting his ship, the Millenium Fish, with his friends Chewbearcca, C3PO and Princess Leia!

We can’t wait for the new SALMON WARS movie!  Here’s a behind-the-scenes look:

May the Fish be with you!


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