The Matrix, part 2



“I think… that… I am stuck!” I gasped.

“We’ll get you out of there somehow!” said Uncle Tibbs.  “Don’t worry…”  But he sounded a bit worried.

Suddenly we were disconnected.  The screen went black.

“Oooooh myyyyyy,” said Ooogie.

“Arr… woof?”

“Ajdin, can you hear us?” said Miss Feathers.  But I could not.

“I’ve been a bad bearsitter!” cried Uncle Tibbs.

While my friends were desperately trying to re-establish our connection back in Reality, I was floating somewhere in a space-time continuum.  Another dimension.  The 4th Dimension.  THE MATRIX.

I took stock of my surroundings.  I was all alone, in a white room.  I wondered if there was any honey in the Matrix.

Suddenly, a jar of honey appeared next to me.

“Hmm!  That is beary unusual,” I said aloud.  But I didn’t question it, because a jar of honey is a jar of honey, right?

As I reached for the honey, I realized I was not alone in the Matrix.  I heard a low voice.

“At last…”


  1. Oooh so exciting! We’re so convinced Uncle Tibs has found his way into the Matrix as well! We can’t wait to find out what happens!!


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