The Matrix, part 4



So Mackerelous had offered me a red gummy bear or a blue gummy bear.

It was a beary difficult decision, but I picked the red one.  I chewed the gummy bear slowly.  It was beary good.  Suddenly, Mackerelous popped the blue one into his mouth.

“Mackerelous, what are you doing?!” I exclaimed.

“Never let… *chew*… a good gummy bear… *chew*… go to… *gulp*… waste!” he said.  Can’t argue with that, I thought.

Mackerelous started to tell me more about the mysteries of the Matrix when I heard some muffled voices in the background.  It sounded like a dog barking, and a bird chirping… it was my friends!

“Ajdin!” said Uncle Tibbs.  “We’ve re-established the portal connection!”

“Huuuuuurryyyyyyyyyy,” said Ooogie.  “Theeeeeeree’ssssss noooooot muuuuuuch tiiiiiime.”

I turned to Mackerelous.

“I… I miss my friends,” I said.

“When you are ready to find the truth, the truth will be waiting for you,” replied Mackerelous, mysteriously.

“Ajdin, please do hurry!” said Miss Feathers urgently.  “The portal could close any moment now!”


Using all of my little bear strength, I made a running start and jumped through the portal from the Matrix back to Reality.

Then, in an instant, Mackerelous was gone and the portal had closed.

“We’re glad you’re back, Ajdin!” said Uncle Tibbs.  “I was a little worried there, but good old CTRL + ALT + DEL seemed to do the trick.”

“Thanks everyone,” I said.  I gave everyone a bear hug.

I turned back to my computer and began to code again.  But deep down inside my stuffing, I had a funny feeling that this would not be my last encounter with… (dun dun dun)



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