A trip


Oh hello there!  I can’t talk for long today because I am in a hurry packing my suitcase.  That’s right, I’m going on a trip.  My mom said I could tag along on one of her work trips.  Last time, I went to Iowa.

I think I’ll pack my blue shirt.  It’s an old shirt, but sometimes you just want to wear something nice and old and comfy, you know?

I think I’ll pack my Bear Cub Scout uniform also.  I might be able to do some scouting wherever I end up.

I’m also going to pack my Jedi Bear costume.  You never know when you will need to use the Fish and defend the galaxy from the Dark Side.

Hmm.  It doesn’t seem like everything fits into my suitcase.

I will try sitting on my suitcase.  I have seen my mom do that sometimes when she is packing.

There!  It seems to have worked!  My suitcase is all packed and I’m ready to go.  I wonder where we will be going this time.



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