Shhh.., it’s a surprise


Hello everyone, Uncle Tibbs here.  We are planning a surprise bearthday party for Ajdin – today is his bearthday.

Ooogie, Feathers, and Parker are working on the decorations.  Let’s see how it’s going.

“Happy Ajdin Day!”

“Thaaaaat dooeeesssn’t looooook riiiight.”


“Ajdin is a happy bear and today is indeed his day…”

“Wait, how about this…”

“Happy Bearthday Ajdin!”

“Yes, much better!  Everyone, time to put on your party hats!”

And here’s a hat for you also!

“Now here he comes… he’s blindfolded, and when he takes off the blindfold, we’ll cheer ‘Happy Bearthday Ajdin!'”

“Uncle Tibbs?  Ooogie?  Miss Feathers?  Parker?  Where is everyone?  I can’t see anything with this on.”

“Take off your blindfold Ajdin!”



“We have a special party hat for you – it’s blue and has fish on it!”

“Aaaaaand a beeeaaarthddaaaaay caaaaard frooom Drooooooppy, Paaaatch, aaaand Spunnnkkyyyy.”

“And some postcards from Jerry and Ben and Little Fox.”

“And some Little Bear books to read!”

“Wow, what a great bearthday!  Thank you everyone for the special bearthday wishes.  I hope you have a beary good day as well!”


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