“Hmm… junk mail… bills…” Uncle Tibbs murmured.

“Hey Uncle Tibbs, what are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m sorting through the mail,” he sighed.  “There are bills for me, junk mail for me, more bills for me…”

“Aha!  Here’s a piece of fun mail,” he said.  His brow furrowed as he read the envelope.  “Oh.  It’s for you, Ajdin.”

“Cool!  It’s a bearthday card from Jerry and Ben!” I said happily.

“Oh, there’s a postcard too — from EGYPT!” Uncle Tibbs said.  He looked disappointed as he read the back.  “This one is for you also, Ajdin.”  He handed it to me.

“Oh COOL!” I exclaimed.  “It’s a postcard from my friend Fritzel Ranßweiler.”

“I’m noticing a trend here,” said Uncle Tibbs.  He picked up the last piece of mail.  “Hey, this is a cool package of jellybeans…”

“Look!  There’s a note from Little Fox that says Happy Bearthday Ajdin!” I said.

“WHEN WILL I GET FUN MAIL??” sighed Uncle Tibbs.

He took out his checkbook and began paying the bills.

“Ajdin, promise me that you will never grow up.  It’s not as fun when you are an adult stuffie,” he said.

“I promise,” I said, chewing on some jellybeans.  “Here… *chew* …have some… *chew* …jellybeans, Uncle Tibbs.  Maybe that will… *chew* …make you… *gulp* …feel better.”

Thanks for the fun mail everyone!  Have a beary good day!



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