My cousin Hermione


I have heard of many instances when Facebook and other social media helped someone find a long lost relative or friend.  Perhaps you have gotten in touch with someone that way before too.  Well it happened to me recently.

I was updating my Facebook page when I saw that my stuffie friend Emily Harkess left me a post on my wall.

From a first glance at Hermione Beare’s picture, I did indeed think we looked similar.  There was only one way to find out.  I checked the tag on my bottom.

So we had the same tag on our bottoms, but I was still a bit skeptical.  There are so many stuffies out there.  How would I know that Hermione was related to me?  I decided to express my opinion on pants.

Now I knew it for sure!  This is my little cousin Hermione Beare.  We look beary similar, we have the same tush tag, and we do not like to wear pants!  These are some pictures of Hermione Beare.



  1. Hi, Ajdin! It’s me, Hermione! I’m honored that you wrote about me on your blog, and I wanted to tell you an exciting update on my life story:

    As my best monkey friend, Emily, told you, we’ve recently moved from Denver to Boston with our human. Well, this weekend, we decided to visit a nearby state, Vermont. We’d been told that it’s very pretty in the fall, and we’d never seen Vermont fall, so we went to take a look.

    There was another exciting reason to go to Vermont, though: Remember how Emily told you that she and I met at a Shakespeare festival? I was born in the Steven Smith factory in China, like you were, but then I traveled in a box of other bears to the Shakespeare theater, where a nice man put Shakespearean t-shirts on us, put us in the gift shop, and watched over us until we’d met just the right forever humans to go home with. My forever human is an actor, so she went to that Shakespeare festival to study acting, and the nice man in the gift shop introduced her to me while she was there.

    Well, that nice man (my human foster dad, in a way) is now in Vermont, acting in plays! He’s always been an actor. That’s why he was at the Shakespeare festival: He acted in their plays, and ran the gift shop and cared for bears when he wasn’t on stage. He’s not there anymore, but now he’s in funny plays in Vermont, and we got to go laugh at him and say hello after the show! He’s good friends with my human, too, so she’d written him and told him we were coming. He recognized me right away and gave me a hug! It was another lovely family reunion!

  2. How silly! The blog puts up a picture of my pet human, since I’m using her email address for commenting on the blog. (I’ve never bothered to get an email address of my own.)

    —Hermione Beare


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