Searching for a tree


With my friends in need of some holiday spirit, I got in my car and drove around town looking for a Christmas tree.  Down the street, there was a vendor selling some trees.  I went to take a look.

I soon realized that they were all beary big trees.  They were bigger than me, bigger than my car, bigger than Uncle Tibbs, and even bigger than my mom.  They were also bigger than my pocketbook and what I could afford to buy.

Then I discovered a row of smaller Christmas trees, but these were still bigger than I was.  How would I ever get a Christmas tree of this size to fit in my car?

Disappointed, I was about to head home empty-pawed when I saw something in the corner of my eye.  I turned my head to take a better look.

There, cast off to the side by itself, was the most beautiful tree I had ever seen.

And it was also free.  What luck!

Excitedly, I put it on the hood of my car, but that made it difficult to see anything.

Then I put it on the back of my car but it fell off and rolled to the ground.

Finally, I just tucked it in the passenger seat next to me.  Then I drove home.

I hope my friends like this tree!



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