Holiday cards


Hi everyone!  I’m just waiting here for Miss Feathers to deliver the mail.  She has had many deliveries lately with the holiday season.

“MAIL ARRIVING!” she announced.  “AJDIN, ARE YOU READY?”

“Yes!” I replied.  I wasn’t going to get knocked over like last time.

WHOOSH!!!  In a split second, I was buried underneath a pile of holiday cards.

“Oh Ajdin!  I’m so sorry!” she said.


“At least they weren’t packages,” I said.

I dusted myself off and got up.  No harm done.  Let’s get to these holiday cards!

The first one is a card from Droopy, Patch, and Spunky.  It’s pawmade!

And then a lovely photo card from Little Fox!  Great photo!

Here is a card from my Aunt J!  I’m not sure I entirely agree with the card however… I am still a kid!  I hope to always be a kid!

Here is a card from stuffie friends down under – Benaud, Chloe, and Hicks!

“And this is a photo card from Fritzel Ran-SOMETHING-weiler,” I said.  My German is not very good.

Fritzel Ranßweiler,” corrected Miss Feathers. “I know a little German… I was a pilot for Lufthoneysa.”

Okay, up next is a card from Jerry and Ben!  The inside has some fun winter photos of them.

They also have a really cool address label which I would like to share with readers today.  Look at this close-up.

And here is an excellent handmade card from Beanie Mouse!  Beautifully made!

And that seems to be about it… oh wait!  There is a final envelope left.  It is addressed to Ooogie!

“Hey Ooogster,” I said.  “You’ve got mail.”


“Do you need help opening it?” I asked.

“Noooooo, thaaaaat’ssssss ooookaayyy.  I wiiiiilll oooopeeeen iiiiiit.”

He read the card.

“It’ssssss froooom Saaaaandyyy.  Heeee sayssssss heeeee maaaddeee usss a Scraaaaable puuuuuuzzle.”

The suspense was killing me.

Finally, Ooogie opened up the package and there were indeed many Scrabble letters inside!

“I wiiiill woooork ooooon thisss neeext yeeeear,” said Ooogie.

Thank you beary much everyone for your cards and gifts!

(I’m a little behind but the results from the 2015 Ugly Sweater Contest will be up soon!)


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