Delayed mail


“Hiiiii Ajjjjdiiiin.”

“Hi Ooogie, what’s up?”

“I aaaaaam deeeeliiiiverriiiiing sooooome maiiiiil foooor youuuuu,” he said.

“Cool, thanks!” I took a look at the letters.  “Huh?  Valentine’s Day?  Easter?  Wow, these are… umm… really….”

“…laaaaaate,” Ooogie finished.  “Soorrrrrrry.”

“That’s okay,” I said.  “As they say, better late than never!”

Here is a pawmade Valentine’s Day card from Droopy.  Droopy says to leave him the bacon!  I will, but only if he leaves me the salmon!

And there is also an Easter card from Fritzel Ran-SOMETHING-weiler all the way from Germany.

“Ranßweiler!” said Miss Feathers.

Thanks for the cards!


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