Scrabble completion


Several months ago, back in December last year, Sandy sent Ooogie some Scrabble letters and instructions for completing a puzzle. I think he might be close to finishing it! Let’s check in with him for an update.

“Hi Ooogie, how’s the puzzle going?” I asked.

“Aaaaalmooooost dooooone,” he said.

“Yes, almost done indeed! You just have one more letter to go.”

He picked up the last tile with the letter “N”. And then he slowly moved it to its spot…

“Dooooneee aaaaatt laaaast,” said Ooogie.

“Let’s see, it spells out FRIENDS, TIBBS, OOOGIE, BEAR, and AJDIN! Great job, Ooogie!”

And there you have it, the completed Scrabble puzzle! Thanks Sandy, for sending us this fun puzzle!


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