Model Rocket Ship


“Weeellll, thaaaat waaaaas theeeee laaaaast quesssstion foooor yooooour astrooooobeeear inteeeeerview,” said Ooogie.

“Phew!” I said. “That took a long time!”

“I wiiiiiill suuuubmiiiit youuuur paaaapeeeerwoooork riiiiight awaaaaay.” He turned to leave.

Oh hello there! In case you’re wondering what that was about, Ooogie finally finished my interview and application for becoming an astrobear. As you may know, one of my dreams is to go to outer space! So I am applying for the astrobear program. Now I just have to cross my paws and hope that I will be accepted!

In the meantime, I am going to build a model rocket ship. Chance favors the prepared mind, right?

I have a model rocket ship kit right here! Let’s see what’s inside.

There are lots of pieces, some glue, and instructions.


Hello, Parker! Come help me build a rocket ship! Yeah, we’ll just put the wings and the tail on like this…

Now we put the wheels and axles together…

It’s looking good, almost done!

We just have to put on the rocket boosters and… here it is!

But it looks rather plain, doesn’t it? Let’s wait until it dries and then paint it.



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