Mail and fun stuff!


Hey everyone, wanna see the haul of fun stuff I received in the mail? 🙂 The postman has been beary busy delivering packages, postcards, and bearthday cards lately.

I got this cool postcard from Little Fox. It’s a flag of the city of Portland, Oregon. He writes, “Happy Birthday!” Thanks Little Fox!

Next is a card from Benaud, Chloe, and Hicks from Australia. They are all wearing cool sunglasses. The postcard is some public artwork near their hometown.

Next is a bearthday card from Droopy. Droopy writes, “Hope your year is filled with lots of honey and salmon!” Yes, that’s a great bearthday wish!

Then we have a package of homemade art postcard and envelopes. It’s from none other than Beanie Mouse. He says that this is a little thank you for participating in the traveling art book project several months ago.

Thank you Beanie! Look at all these beautiful cards. You can see more of them here:

Next is a package from my mom. It’s something Build-A-Bear Workshop! That is my favorite store. Their clothes fit me really well even though I am not from that store.

What is it?

It’s a new shirt – a grey distressed print with blue plaid! I like the color blue!

Let’s try it on!

It’s hard to put on clothes when your head is kind of big. Do you ever have that problem?

I’m wearing a turban…

 I need a smaller head!

It fits perfectly! How does it look? Just in time for a back-to-school wardrobe. I wonder when Stuffie School is starting again…

Oh yeah, one more thing – Droopy also sent me a cool magnet from Toys for Tots. There is a bear on it. Do you think it looks like me?

Thanks for all the fun stuff everyone!


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