iPhone X


Hey there! Have you heard the latest craze over the new iPhone X? I hear it’s super cool and fast. A lot of these phones sold out quickly online, so I’m waiting on line to buy it at the local Apple store. I hear they have a new shipment coming in today!

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. The crowds are going to be crazy, just like shopping on Black Friday. But I don’t think this time will be that bad.

I mean, just look at this calm crowd! We’re all excited to see the new iPhone X, but no one is pushing or shoving or —

I’ve been rather unlucky lately it seems.

Oh no. Here they come again.

What? Sold out? Just like that?

This consumerism is kind of crazy, isn’t it? Holiday shopping has me stressed out and anxious.

I’m going home… and having a cup of tea with honey!


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