Stuffie Spotlight: Jerry and Ben


What is your name and where do you live?

Jerry & Ben Bear, and we live in cold and wintery Antarctica…”What a minute, says Ben, we DO NOT live in Antartica, we live in the upper midwest, mostly in MinneSOta.” Ok, that’s true, we just had a beary harsh and beary LONG winter this year.

Tell us about how you got started blogging/writing.

We started blogging because we thought it would be beary fun to share stories of our travels and the fun adventures that we have. The very first stuffy we found was Hammie (Hi Hammie!); until then we thought we were the only stuffies who blogged. Then of course we found Sullivan Pig, Beanie Mouse, Bob T. Bear & Dilly, since they were already friends with Hammie. A bit later, another bear from Canada found us, Sandy! We think we are probably distant cousins with Sandy. because we do look very much alike. Now we have even more stuffie pals like Ajdin, Little Fox, and Droopy!

What other pursuits do you have?

We enjoy traveling, watching movies, taking long hikes, and working in the garden. Ben is practicing French, and he likes to cook and bake. Jerry likes to draw (he hasn’t done that in a while, but you can see some of his drawings on the blog), and he likes to help out in the kitchen as the official taste-tester. Of course, we also enjoy following the fun adventures of of blog pals.

What is your favorite food and favorite thing to do?

Our favorite foods are honey, salmon, Ben’s cookies, and hot chocolate. “That’s just for starters” adds Jerry, “I’ll send you the 50-page list sometime next week.”

We do enjoy traveling, but it’s also nice to relax at home and have a picnic in the back yard (only in the summer of course). Our humans do a fairly good job of finding fun things to do, but luckily there are stuffies around to keep things organized, otherwise it might be chaos.


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