Fun mail!


I got quite a few letters in the mail recently! I am behind in posting them because I have no secretary at the moment.

The first card is a birthday card from Little Fox. This card is beary colorful! Thanks for the card, LF!

The second card is also a birthday card, but it’s not for me. It’s for my mom who recently had her birthday, and it’s from Sandy. She was beary surprised and pleased that she actually got some fun mail instead of it being me all the time. She says thank you, Sandy!

I also received another card from Sandy. Wow, Sandy is really keeping the post office busy these days. It’s a Halloween card with a picture of Sandy in his astronaut costume from a few years ago.

There are lots of Halloween stickers inside! In case you missed it, check out what Sandy dressed up as for Halloween here.

I also received a card with a Minnesota design on it from Jerry and Ben who recently hosted the annual Halloween costume contest. The prize was a Starbucks gift card! Thank you beary much – I think I will get some hot chocolate and a cookie.

Thank you for the fun mail everyone!


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