Stuffie Spotlight: Beanie Mouse


Who’s in the Stuffie Spotlight? Beanie Mouse!

1)  What is your name and where do you live?

My name is Beanie – I used to live on Mouse Island with my extended family but there was a tsunami and we all got washed away in coconut shells and ended up in different places. I washed ashore on Brighton beach and was found under a pile of seaweed by Andrea. I live with her now.

2)  Tell us about how you got started blogging/writing.

After many years shaking under a duvet in the corner and drinking lots of hot chocolate Andrea persuaded me to come with her to Paris in 2008……. it was amazing! That’s when I started my travel blog!!

3)  What other pursuits do you have?

When we go out, a lot of times I find stuff lying on the sidewalk like coins and parking tickets and stuff like that. I pick them up and take them home and sometimes make stuff with them (not the coins though – I keep those!!) to tie onto railings for people to find!

4)  What is your favorite food and favorite thing to do?

My favourite food is eating cayke!!! Well, eating generally, but cayke in particular! I like painting and making stuff and sending cards to people and travelling and seeing stuff I’ve not seen before. And cayke. Love cayke…..


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