Hmm… what should I write about?

Oh, hey there. I’m just working on my next blog post. I’m not sure what I should write about though.

To be honest, I’ve been feeling kinda sad this week because my friend Miss Feathers recently left for Florida. She’ll be back soon, though, but things just aren’t the same around here —


Huh? What’s this? A chat message popped up on my screen.

It’s Miss Feathers! Yes, yes I accept!

“Hello Ajdin!” she said.

“Miss Feathers, how are you? Wow, what a beautiful beach scene!”

“Yes, the weather is warm and lovely and there are many other snowbirds down here just like myself!” she said.


“We want to hear about everything there is to do in Florida…”

Wow, technology is pretty neat, huh? How do you use technology to keep in touch with your friends?


  1. Technology is wonderful! Skype and Zoom meetings have helped me spend more time with my beloved pet human: The company she works for likes to do Skype and Zoom meetings, and because they can do that, they let my human work from home a couple of days a week. She can hang out with me all day, and even if she has a meeting to go to, she can just do it online from home! (I do make her change out of her PJs and into office clothes before she does a video meeting, though.)


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