Sunflower rock


Hello everyone! Today I’m going to be doing some arts and crafts. I have this paint set here and will be painting a rock with a sunflower design. When it’s done, we’ll leave it somewhere for someone to find – these are similar to the Kindness Rocks projects you might have heard about.


Oh yes, you can help of course, Parker!

Alright alright, now we’ve got everything we need set up here. I’m painting this on a sheet of newspaper so it won’t get on the carpet.

Parker is painting the inner part of the flower. He is quite a talented dog. Parker, have you been watching more of those Joy of Painting shows with Bob Ross?


Now I will finish up with the orange paint.

And looks like we’re done! We’ll just let it dry and then put it somewhere for somebody to find.

What arts and crafts projects have you made lately?



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