Mail call


Hey everyone, how are you doing? Staying at home? Me too. I’ve had some time to go through my mail and I have a few letters to show you.

I got this postcard from Sandy which features some sea turtles on it. Thanks Sandy!

“Heyyyyyy, I knowwwwwww thaaaaat guyyyyyyy,” said Ooogie.

Next is a handmade St. Patrick’s Day card from Droopy. Droopy is beary creative and perhaps could consider creating his own line of greeting cards. Thanks Droopy!

Next is a beary interesting crafty envelope… who could it be from? Beanie Mouse of course!

On the inside, the card says… hmm…. Merry Christmas? But that was many months ago! I suppose the mail system was delayed. Better late than never! Thanks Beanie!

Thank you for the cards, everyone! They were a real treat to read during this time at home!


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