Meditation class


Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well! It seems that things have been more stressful than usual around the world recently, so I decided to sign up for a meditation class to help me relax.

I’m here at this place called OMMMMMM Meditation Studio.

Anyways, I’ve been waiting for the teacher to show up but so far no one is here —

“Sorryyyyy I’mmmmm laaaaate,” said a familiar voice. It was Ooogie!

“Ooogie, I didn’t know you taught meditation,” I said.

“Yesssss, I dooooo. Hiiii Ajdiiiiin,” he replied. Wow, what a guy! I can’t keep up with all the jobs he’s had so far: Santa’s elfdriving instructorDMVMcDonald’s drive-thrucensus takerelection official.

“Everyoneeeeee, let’ssss ssssstart wiiiith threeeee deeeeeeep breathssssss.”

He rang the singing bowl to start.

~ ring ~

“Inhaleeeeee…. exhaleeee on OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

“Inhaleeeeee…. exhaleeee on OMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.”

But there was no need for the third breath, because we all quickly fell into a deep sleep.



~ ring ~

“Everyoneeeee geeeeently oooooopen yourrrrrrr eyesssss.”

“Huh… where am I… what… wow… how long did I nap for?” I said, rubbing my eyes awake.

“Jusssst 30 minutesssss.”

“Wow, I feel really refreshed!” I said.

“I’mmmm glaaaad youuuu enjoyeeeeeed it.”

“Thanks for a great class, Ooogie! This was so relaxing. I’ll recommend it to everyone!”

Have you tried meditation before?


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