Mail and presents


I got some awesome mail and presents the other day. Yes, more mail! 😀

I got an envelope from Sandy. It feels very thick so there must be several things in there.

Inside is a card and postcard with a sea theme. Hmm, I wonder if there is any salmon in that ocean. And there was also a cool handmade postcard made by Beanie Mouse. This postcard is number 697 and I will log it on Beanie’s art blog. Thanks Sandy and Beanie!

I also received some gifts from Droopy! As some of you might know, I have been practicing for my motivational speaking career by posting some PAW-sitive quotes on my Facebook page. Droopy said this book is to help me with my new career as a motivational speaker!

This quote book is called “Insbearations” and it was written by someone who had a stuffed teddy bear. He brought it to work everyday and eventually his clients expected to see his bear at sales meetings. His company merged and the new management said the bear was no longer allowed to attend work meetings. When his clients found out about this, they said that he must bring the bear otherwise they would no longer do business with the company – problem solved!

There is also a cookie cutter in the shape of a bear’s head. Hopefully cookie making is in the near future!

The book has nice pictures and inspiring quotes.

Thanks for the fun mail and gifts, everyone!


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