*something unintelligible*


“Hey Parker, have you seen Ajdin?”


“PHEW!! I thought I would never get out from under all that mail!” I said. “We haven’t checked the mailbox for many months.”

Alright, let’s open them up and see what we got:

– a holiday card from Little Fox with a fox on the front, of course

– a hand drawn card from the very talented Miss Jessica – she is a terrific artist!

– a handmade Valentine card from Jerry and Ben – handmade is always wonderful!

– a holiday photo card from Sandy looking good in his holiday outfit

– a postcard from Fritzel in Germany, guten tag!

– a Starbucks gift card and Halloween card for my prize from the Halloween costume contest hosted by Jerry and Ben – thank you!

– another holiday card from Jerry and Ben… wow they sent me so many things

– a Valentine card from Sprinkles with a cute alligator on it

– a holiday card from Sprinkles with a glittery bear on it


Also, did you know that I save every single one of the letters and cards that I get from my pen pals? I put them in this shoebox right here. I think I need a bigger box.

That’s a LOT of mail from pen pals over the years. They mean a lot to me! Thank you for being my pen pal!




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