Road Trip, Part 6 – Joshua Tree National Park


The next stop on our road trip is… JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK!

Now, if you follow my friend Little Fox, you’ll notice that he also recently went to the same park. Maybe we drove past him during our trip. 🙂

A popular site in the park is Skull Rock. Oh boy, that sounds scary! I look a little scared in this photo, don’t you think? But adventure requires us to be brave – we must soldier on!

I think it’s just over the top of these boulders. Some scrambling is involved here…

And here it is, Skull Rock! Does it look like a skull to you? It’s not so scary after all!

We drove through the rest of the park and saw lots of Joshua trees after which the park is named.
They are very prickly! Be careful you don’t get too close. They are almost like porcupine pins.
I almost got poked by this one – yikes!

We’ve seen a lot of the desert recently on this trip. It’d be nice to get to some water or something…

Stay tuned for the last stop on our road trip…


  1. I had a pet Joshua Tree because someone gave me one as a birthday present when I was five but I didn’t know how much water to give it and it died because I gave it apple juice.
    From Rolling onward


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