OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD Kaleidoscope Kit


Hello everyone! If you’re wondering why I’m wearing my astrobear suit today, it’s NOT because I’m going to outer space today, but because we are going to make an OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD KALEIDOSCOPE!

Yes, I have right here in my little paws a very cool kaleidoscope kit with a space theme. I’ll spread all the materials out.

I’ve never made a kaleidoscope before. Let me take a look at the directions.

Our first step is to cover the outside of our kaleidoscope tube with this sticky constellation paper.

A kaleidoscope isn’t a kaleidoscope if it doesn’t reflect properly That’s what these 3 mirror pieces will do.

We’ll stick them inside the tube in a triangle shape. Hello – can you see me?

Then we’ll pop the viewing cap on to make it nice and dark.

In our viewing dish, we’ll put an assortment of beads, gems, and sparkly sequins. This will be really good.

Then we attach that piece to the bottom of our kaleidoscope tube. It’s done! Let’s have a look.

Oh wow! Amazing! Beautiful! Terrific! Really wonderful!

Hmm, what did you say? Oh, you want to take a look also! Yes, of course! Have a look inside.

Come a little closer, don’t be shy!

What do you think?

I’ll rotate it while you’re looking inside.

Do you like the colors? No two designs are ever the same!

I’m going to bring this space kaleidoscope with me on my outer space adventures. Every astrobear should have one in their rocket ship!


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