Painting a teacup


Today I’m going to paint a teacup and saucer with this awesome arts and crafts kit! By the way, I’m still rocking my star bandana from July 4th.

It has a teacup and saucer, plus paints and brushes – everything I need!

I’m going to paint the saucer blue with some yellow stars on it. Can you guess the theme of this teacup?

Yes, we’re going to outer space! I’m painting a red rocket on the teacup.
There – it’s done!
Look at that… perfect for a cup of hot tea and honey and maybe some cookies.
Of course, I’m going to take this opportunity for shameless plugging my website Life is Beary Good.
And I painted a Saturn-like planet on the other side. I wonder how many planets out there are similar to Saturn with its rings.
Maybe one day, I will find out! This is the perfect teacup to take with me to outer space.


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