New stuff!


“Hello, Ajdin! I have some goodies for you today,” said Uncle Tibbs. He was holding a bag that said BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP.

“Wow, for me?” I asked.

“Unfortunately, the Build-a-Bear Workshop still has nothing in my size,” he said, “but I found a few things for you!”

I looked inside.
It’s an apron!


This apron is perfect for baking, cooking, or crafting so I can stay nice and clean! And it even has two convenient pockets on the front for storing snacks.
And… a khaki safari vest!
Perfect for safari trips and exploring the outback! I can alternate wearing this with my Bear Cub Scout uniform for outdoor adventures. And maybe I can start a new pin collection on this safari vest! It also has a pocket on the front for holding snacks.
And finally… a magician’s cape! Plus magic wand! And a hat!
I’m ready to do some magic tricks! This is SUPER exciting!
“Uncle Tibbs, thank you so much!”
I can’t wait to have my first magic show!



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