Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day! I am going to be making a special Valentine card for my Valentine. Let’s get started! I have this kit which has everything I need.

It has a card, envelope, markers, stickers, and tissue paper.

I’ll take a quick look at the instructions first. Ok, got it.

I’ll color in the front of the card using the markers.

Then there are some glitter heart stickers which I’ll put on the card.

I’ll put a sticker on my nose!

Actually, an even better place for it would be on my craft apron – perfect!

Next, I’ll press some of these tissue paper pieces onto a clear sticker. We are going for a mosaic effect here.

Then, all I need to do is cut off the excess tissue paper to make a heart shape.

I’ll stick it on the front window of the card.

Okay, now it’s time to give it to my Valentine, who is…

…YOU! You did know that, right?

Well, go on, open it!

I hope you like it!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and remember that you are BEARY SPECIAL!



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