A Summer Road Trip, part 3 – Driftwood Beach


Next on our road trip, we stopped at Jekyll Island, Georgia. Back in its heyday, Jekyll Island enjoyed its fame during the Club Era, where the rich and famous came to play and relax. The Vanderbilts, the Rockfellers, the Goodyears, etc. all were well known residents here.

There is a wonderful beach on Jekyll Island called Driftwood Beach, known for the numerous amounts of driftwood washed ashore! Sandy should definitely come here and check it out.

The soil on the island here slowly began eroding away, making it unable to support the roots of the trees. The trees gradually decayed and fell over time. The waves here are on the gentler side and not strong enough to wash the trees out to sea.

Each tree is unique unto itself!

I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from this beach…

I wonder where we are going to next…?



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