Catching up!


Hey everyone! I haven’t posted in a while! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, followed by a Merry Christmas, and finally a Happy New Year!

Let’s catch up on a few things, shall we?

But first, check out this cool jersey I’m wearing. My friend Droopy got it for me after our hometown heroes, the Houston Astros, won the World Series in November! CHAMPS, YEAH!

I also have quite a bit of mail to catch up on. I got these cool Halloween cards from Jerry and Ben and a gift card from Starbucks as a prize for my entry in their annual Halloween contest. I also got a card from Sandy with a Halloween hamster on it. Beary cool!

Next, I got some holiday cards from Little FoxJerry and Ben, and Sandy. We sent out cards too, but we were cutting it close so they may have been a little delayed (again, looking for new secretary in 2023).

Thanks for all the mail, everyone! Snail mail is the best. 🙂




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