Hawaii, part 3


Before we continue on our trip, I will teach you the longest word in the Hawaiian language. Ready? You may need to take a deep breath for this one.


It is the name for trigger fish, also the Hawaiian state fish. It looks like this:

Maybe we’ll see some humuhumunukunukukuapua’a in the water? Let’s head to the beach!

Our first beach is Hale’iwa Beach in North Shore, Oahu.

The beaches in the North Shore are popular for surfing, and we can see why! The waves are constantly rolling in here. In fact, today there is a high wind warning and waves of 20-30 feet high. There is a lifeguard patrolling the beach to make sure no one goes swimming today.

Next, let’s go to Waimanalo Beach in Oahu where it’s much calmer. No camera filter here. The water is really that blue!

It looks amazing!

The water is so clear and changes from turquoise to light blue to dark blue.

We drove around the island of Oahu and stopped at another scenic viewpoint. This is called Makapu’u Lookout. The wind was quite strong so it blew my arms up in the air, but it also looks like I am just beary excited in this photo.

Fantastic views from here also!

This is from Lanai’i Lookout.

Okay, our next stop in Hawaii is the actual Big Island of Hawaii. I wonder what we will find there. See you later, Oahu!



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