Last Christmas, my friend Droopy gifted me a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle… of myself! It’s a photo from my visit to see the bluebonnet field in spring of last year.

Let’s open it up and get started on it!

First, let’s flip all the pieces right side up.

Next, let’s do the edges. Done!

I think I’ll start with my shirt. I’m wearing a red plaid shirt and a jean jacket in this photo.

You know what I learned from working on this puzzle? That my fur is beary complicated! My face is more complex than it looks.


I insisted to my secretary that we keep working on this puzzle nonstop, but I finally gave in and took some breaks for food and sleep. Now, we have finished the most important part of this puzzle – me!

Let’s start on the background of the bluebonnet flowers. The orange flowers are Indian Paintbrush flowers. It’s a rather challenging background with so many flowers and some are blurry. There’s lot of green grass too.

Alright, we just have one piece left!

There it is. Do you see it?

Oh this is exciting!

The puzzle is completed! What do you think? I’m going to find a frame and hang this puzzle up on the wall. Thanks Droopy, for a great puzzle!



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