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Hmm, I feel like having a snack. A nice toasted everything bagel with lox on it would be perfect. But... there are no bagels left in the fridge! (I noted the chocolate bar and will be eating that later, however). Ah well, this stinks! What am...

Lox and bagel

salmon lox on bagel
DROOL WARNING: SALMON The other day, my mom bought some fresh salmon lox from the supermarket! She's making herself a salmon lox bagel for breakfast this morning. (I already finished mine) I don't think she will notice if I take a small bite of hers, do you? Mmmm!...

Bagel joke

Question: What's the best way to protect your bagel? Answer: Put some lox on it. Today's breakfast was a real treat - an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox! Yum!  That was really good.  Have a great day everyone.