Hmm, I feel like having a snack. A nice toasted everything bagel with lox on it would be perfect.

But… there are no bagels left in the fridge! (I noted the chocolate bar and will be eating that later, however).

Ah well, this stinks! What am I gonna do? UGH! I was really looking forward to having a bagel.  *pouting* Maybe I’ll just order something from UberEats…

Hey, what are you doing? What are you putting on my —


Excusez-moi, mon ami!

It is I, your friend and le boulanger Ajdin. It has been far too long since we last met in zee kitchen, non? Please forgive that slight hunger tantrum just now. It happens to the best of us, non?

Not to worry, my friends. We will be making fresh bagels from a recipe today. More delicious than the ones you buy from the store, that’s for sure!

Today, we will have the help of this wonderful bread machine. How lovely it is to make fresh baked goods at home!

My assistant baker has measured out the ingredients and put them in the mixing container. It is a bit of flour, water, yeast, salt, and butter.

I will select the dough setting and then press zee magic button.

Yes, it is getting mixed very well!

We will let the dough rise and then shape it into bagels. Then we will let it rise some more. Isn’t this exciting? Passionnant!

After 50 minutes, we will boil the bagels for 1 minutes per side. This pot is full of hot water – be careful!

The bagels are finished boiling and we have fished them out of the water. They are looking a little bigger and fluffier.

Now, we will sprinkle everything bagel seasoning on the bagels. Oui, it smells so good! And we will be generous with the seasoning on zee bagels.

Then we will bake the bagels until they are golden brown. Oui oui! Yes, there you are, you delicious and scrumptious bagels.

Well, there we have it, my friends! Some delicious and freshly made bagels. Please take one to enjoy and put your favorite topping on it.

Merci beaucoup for joining me in the kitchen today! Remember, when life tastes a bit sour, just sprinkle a little sugar on it! You – yes, you – can create something delicious! *chef’s kiss*

Bon appétit!




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