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Halloween card

I got a Halloween card in the mail from my friend Droopy! It has some foam candy corn stickers, and the stickers on the right with the pumpkin, car, and witch are made of cork. Pretty cool, huh? Thanks for the card, Droopy!

Bearthday fun stuff

I received this cool postcard from Little Fox in the mail last month. It's a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains! This bear looks so cute, as all bears are! 😊Thanks Little Fox! Next, I got a bearthday card from Droopy and friends. Look, this is a homemade card...


A couple days ago, I received a card from Sprinkles the Traveling Bear! That is such a beary cool name, isn't it? By the way, my previous post about not blogging anymore was an APRIL FOOLS joke! :) On the back are some cute Easter themed...