Bearthday fun stuff


I received this cool postcard from Little Fox in the mail last month. It’s a postcard from the Great Smoky Mountains! This bear looks so cute, as all bears are! 😊Thanks Little Fox!

Next, I got a bearthday card from Droopy and friends. Look, this is a homemade card which is the best kind. It is made from buttons and craft paper. Droopy is very good at making cards. Maybe he could create a line of stuffie greeting cards?

Droopy also sent me something that I have never seen before. Also enclosed with the card were sheets of postage stamps… with my face printed on them!

Now I can write letters to my stuffie friends and everyone will immediately know it is from me just by looking at the stamp. Thanks Droopy!

I had a great bearthday! My mom said she ordered me a new shirt for my bearthday but it was a little delayed in shipping, so I have to wait a bit longer, but that’s okay!


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