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Chinese lesson

Hi everyone! Today, I'm going to teach you a couple of Chinese words. Learning a new language is fun! Let's start with one of my favorite -- if not my most favorite -- word. You guessed it. HONEY. In Chinese, "honey" is 蜂蜜 and pronounced fēngmì. I like...

Hot pot

Hello! Today, I am reporting LIVE from a Chinese hot pot restaurant where we will be enjoying a delicious meal. I was greeted by a panda bear when I arrived at the restaurant. "你好!" he said. "你好!" I replied.  (你好 means "hello" in Chinese - I have...

Chinese New Year

https://translate.google.com/ I wasn't sure what the card said that Julie Jane Zebra and Elsie sent me, so I decided to ask Uncle Tibbs about it. "Hey Uncle Tibbs," I started to say.  "这张卡是 。。哦,怎么了?我为什么突然会说汉语呢?" “因为今天是春节!” Uncle Tibbs 回答了。 “春节?” “对, 春节啊!  新年快乐 Ajdin!” 他说。 “你说什么我都能听懂。。。好奇怪!” 我惊讶得说。 “今年是猴年,” Uncle Tibbs 说。 “哦,不是熊年吗?” “不,生肖没有熊。哦,还有这个红包!给你!” “恭喜发财!红包拿来!谢谢!” 我说。“呵呵呵!” 我们祝大家新年快乐!恭禧发财!多吃蜂蜜!多吃三文鱼!加油!

Chinese lesson with Uncle Tibbs

Someone asked if Mr. Tibbs could speak Chinese.  I thought this was a good question since he said he spent some time there, so when he woke up, I asked him. "我会讲中文," he said to me.  I did not understand.  He laughed and then said,...