Chinese lesson


Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to teach you a couple of Chinese words. Learning a new language is fun!

Let’s start with one of my favorite — if not my most favorite — word. You guessed it. HONEY.

In Chinese, “honey” is 蜂蜜 and pronounced fēngmì. I like to eat 蜂蜜。

Next, let’s learn a very closely related word: BEE.

Do you see anything interesting about the word for BEE?

If you said it is the reverse of BEE, you are right! In Chinese, the word for BEE is 蜜蜂 and pronounced fēng.

So, be sure not to confuse the two. You don’t want to eat 蜜蜂  – that would really sting!

I hope you enjoyed this Chinese lesson!


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