Supermarket trip


I got to go to the supermarket for the first time the other day.  It was really fun riding around in the shopping cart and seeing all the delicious kinds of food you can buy.  Some customers were looking at me strangely – I guess they have never seen a bear do grocery shopping before.  My tummy is going to get even rounder!  OM NOM NOM NOM.

Here are some nice apples…


Beer… (I am underage and not allowed to drink alcohol)

Mmm baked goods…

WELL, WHAT DO WE HAVE HERE??  Look at that top shelf.  Yep.. it’s… HONEY!!  I hit the jackpot!!


    • Thanks for the video link Little Fox! Wow, I guess I am not the first bear in a grocery store then. That bear did not sound too happy to be picked up in the end. I do love salmon but we did not have time to visit the fish section on this shopping trip. I will have to ask my mom if we can go next time.


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