There are many things that are new to me since coming to the United States, but McDonald’s is not one of them.  I remember seeing a McDonald’s restaurant in Bosnia, where I used to live.  But the one big difference about McDonald’s in the United States is just HOW MANY of them there are!

Today was my first time going through the drive-through at McDonald’s.  It was really fun talking to the person taking the orders through the computer screen.  My mom says that we should eat healthy foods and lots of fruits and vegetables, but *occasionally* a treat from McDonald’s is okay.  I think she is right.  I ordered a Filet-o-Fish sandwich and asked for some honey packets to put on it.  The lady taking my order gave me a puzzled look at first but was very nice about it and even gave me extra honey.  It was beary good!  I think they should put a honey fish sandwich on their menu.  What do you think about that?


  1. Honey fish sandwich?!?! Now that he hears about your idea, that's all Jerry can think about. We don't get to go to McDonald's very often either, Papa says only for a special treat, but he's right. We do love their French fries!


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