Christmas gift exchange


(I am a few days late in posting this but I thought you might like to read it anyways.)

“Uncle Tibbs, you will not believe what happened!” I said excitedly.

“Oh really?  What happened?” he asked.

“I met Santa Claus!”

“You did?”  Uncle Tibbs raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, he came down the chimney on Christmas Eve.”

“He did?  What did he look like?”

“Hmm,” I thought for a moment.  “Well, he was about your height and your weight — “

“Are you saying that I’m fat, Ajdin?” Uncle Tibbs said, smiling.

“No no no, it’s just that he kind of looked like you and also had a similar voice and — “

“Well I’m very glad you got to meet him!” Uncle Tibbs interjected.  “I have a Christmas present for you, Ajdin.”

“Wow, thank you!  It’s a ukulele.  And I have something for you, Uncle Tibbs.  I’ll be right back.”
“ERGHHHH…UNGHHHHH…Phew!  This is heavy,” I said, pushing his present towards him.
“Need a paw there, Ajdin?” Uncle Tibbs asked.  “Oh wow, it’s a guitar!  How beary cool!”  (Uncle Tibbs rarely says “beary” so I know that he was beary excited about the guitar.)
“Hey Ajdin, I have an idea.  I think we should start a band, what do ya say?”
“That’s a great idea, but I will need some music lessons first!”
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!



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