Coffee shop


I haven’t been on an outing in a while, so today I got to go to the coffee shop.  It was very busy in the shop but I was able to find a quiet, empty table in the corner.  I brought my book with me and got some reading done.

Then I sipped on some coffee as I did some people watching.  People are very interesting creatures.  No sign of any bears, though I hear Sandy & Sebastian and Jerry & Ben hang out here often…?


  1. Oh yes! We do indeed hang out at that coffee shop; Papa likes very much (meaning he's addicted) to that coffee, and Sandy's mom really likes it too…and their hot chocolate is very good as well. For good books, we suggest Winnie the Pooh to start with!

  2. One of my roommates loves that coffee shop as well, I bet if you spend lots of time there you might see a cousin of Sandy, Jerry, or Ben's . If you are looking for something to read might I suggest Fox in Sox?


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