Uncle Tibbs: ladies bear?

I was watching a little TV earlier today when a commercial came on that caught my attention.  Now I usually don’t pay much attention to the commercials but this one intrigued me.
In this commercial, a man was trying to impress a lady for Valentine’s Day and he picked up the phone to place an order for a bear.  The person narrating the commercial said that a bear is much better than flowers or chocolates (I agree with this statement 100%).  Then the bear arrived in the mail and the man brought the bear to the woman.  The woman was so happy to see the bear.  The bear also looked like… UNCLE TIBBS.
This commercial said you could also order the bear online so I went to the website out of curiosity.  There were many bears on this website, and they even had bears bigger than Uncle Tibbs.  That is pretty big if you ask me.  I showed Uncle Tibbs the commercial and the website and he said that is where he came from also, but that there are many bears that look like him and so he is not the one in the commercial.
That got me thinking… I wonder how many stuffie bears there are in the world.  How many Valentine’s Day bears will be born tomorrow?


  1. I can see how Uncle Tibb's could be such a ladies bearl; I mean he knows how to sing, plays guitar, speaks Chinese, is from Vermont, and is friends with Ajdin. What more does he need?

    Occasionally I will meet another stuffie on a walk, beary rare though. I always like it when people passing by me in the backpack say "Hello Fox" or "Nice Fox" or some other nice greeting.


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