A new friend


I still have to unpack my suitcase from my vacation trip, so that’s what I’ll be doing today.  For a little bear, it is interesting how I managed to pack so much stuff.

Hmm… there is this green thing sticking out of the suitcase.  I wonder what it is.
A turtle! 
“Hellooooooooooo thereeeeeeeeee,” it said.  “My name is Ooogie.”
“Hi Ooogie.  My name is Ajdin,” I said.  “I guess you snuck into my suitcase somehow.  Well, you can live with me and my friend Uncle Tibbs.”  (My mom taught me to be very welcoming to other stuffies.)
I made a new friend!  He has beary big eyes, doesn’t he?


  1. He is a good looking turtle, do you have a pond or a lake near your house for Ooogie to hang out in while he gets used to his new home? You and Uncle Tibbs should take him to the grocery store, I bet beary few customers have seen a turtle and two bears shop at the store.


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