Piano concert ♪ ♫

Today, something beary interesting happened.  Uncle Tibbs was putting on a tie.  I had never seen him wear a tie before, or any piece of clothing for that matter.
“Well Ajdin,” he said, “my tuxedo is still at the dry cleaners, but I am giving a piano concert tonight so I thought I would put on something to dress up a little bit.”
“Uncle Tibbs, I didn’t know you played piano!” I said.
“Err…well…uh yes…I guess I do,” he answered.  He is beary modest it seems.  He adjusted his tie.
“Here, how do I look?” he asked.
“Beary stylish!” I said.
Uncle Tibbs sat down at the piano and began to play.  It was such beautiful music.
I watched in awe.
I admired his technique.
He needed a page turner and I happily volunteered.
After he was done, we got to play a duet at the end.
“Uncle Tibbs,” I asked, “how can I get to be as good as you?”
“Keep on practicing, Ajdin!  Don’t give up!”
I love music.  What about you?


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