“Ajdin, Ooogie, come here guys,” Uncle Tibbs called.  “Look what I found – a nice round watermelon.”
“Ooooo,” Ooogie said.
“But how will we cut it?” I asked.  “Maybe we can ask my mom for a –“
“HIIIIII-YAAAA!”  Suddenly Uncle Tibbs karate chopped the watermelon with his paw.
There was a loud CRACK.  Then it split open into two halves.  Wow, I must ask him to teach me how to do that.
He karate chopped it again into smaller slices.
“Mmm….this watermelon….is…so…(gulp)…tasty!” I said between bites.
“It is deliiiiiiiicioussssss,” Ooogie said as he nibbled on his slice.
“It sure is,” Uncle Tibbs said.  He finished his slice in one bite.  “In fact, I think I’ll have another.”
Do you like watermelon?  It is so beary delicious.


  1. A fine pianist and a karate champion? Quite the renaissance bear. By the way Uncle Tibbs, can you come to my house and chop some wood for me? You seem beary efficient compared to me.


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